Welcome to the Building Doctor

The Building Doctor has been established to help home owners understand common building defects within their home, from identifying

Subsidence cracks to dealing with Black Mold.

It is hoped, that from this website you will be more confident to carry out an initial DIY diagnosis of a common building problem, which will help to ensure the correct action is taken.

This may be useful if you are purchasing a property,or just want to better understand a building survey.


1. Identify the symptoms

2. Establish the cause

3. Carry out remedial action


BulbThe DIY BASIC STEPS can help to deal with any problem,such as cracks appearing above door frames, to determining the cause of mould on a window cill.

Understanding the symptoms and their cause is vital to ensure the correct treatment is undertaken.

"As it is only by understanding the root cause of a problem can we ever hope to solve it".

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We are dedicated to making our information as accurate, complete, useful, and unbiased as possible, and we also welcome critique, questions, or content suggestions.

We are also keen to expand the depth of research information and welcome contributions of similar, related content. Contributors will be cited, quoted and linked to from the appropriate articles.

Some common building problems:

  • Slipped tiles, defective flashings (link roof)
  • Condensation (link condensation)
  • Gutter and rainwater leaks (link damp)
  • Decoration and finishes (link internal decorations)
  • Plumbing and leaking drains (link services)
  • Cracking to walls (subsidence/ walls)
  • Lack of ventilation (condensation)